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AFSC Employees Show Their St. Patrick's Day Spirit

Hope P. (left) and Kelly C. (right)

2014 Military Families Lifestyle Survey

Since their formation, AFSC has been honored to support the organization Blue Star Families, to include facilitating many of their annual planning sessions in our Boardroom. This organization is in the process of completing the Annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey. This unique and comprehensive survey helps identify and explore the issues that face those who serve in the military and their families.

Thank you to those who chose to participate and complete the survey.

Please check back soon for the results.


Student Veterans of America (SVA)
Announces Honorary Board of Advisors

SVA has created an Honorary Board of Advisors, naming our very own CEO, Geoff Deutsch Chairman of the Board. The SVA Honorary Board of Advisors represents a broad spectrum of leaders. These leaders are stepping forward to lend their support to SVA’s mission, which is to provide military Veterans with the resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education, achieve their academic goals, and gain meaningful employment following graduation. Other Board Members of note are General George W. Casey, Jr. (Ret.) and Dr. Bob Ackerman.

Mr. Deutsch commented, "As CEOs, retired generals, and leaders in academia, we, as a group, believe so strongly in SVA’s ability to execute their mission that we are proud to lend our support…” SVA has always been committed to excellence in education and the pursuit of a meaningful career after separation from service. Mr. Deutsch and other newly inducted individuals were selected because of their expertise in the field; extraordinary proactive leadership capabilities; and most importantly their shared vision, enthusiasm, and commitment to student Veterans and a readiness to act on such a vision.

For a complete list of board members, please visit: www.studentveterans.org/?page=Board_of_Advisors

To learn more about SVA’s mission, please visit www.studentveterans.org



Here’s a comprehensive snapshot of the 2012 survey of AFSC employees.

96% Employees who say their job is important to our special mission
97% Are willing to give the extra effort to help us succeed
95% Agree customer needs are #1 priority
96% Would Recommend AFSC
to Friends as a Great Place to Work

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